Adventures of a Geeky Fan Girl: G-Fest XXI

As someone who is into quirky things such as unique horror movies, aliens, robots, toys and monsters, I always find that going to conventions are the best way to geek out over such things while being surrounded by various people who also love the same things I do. 

I was fortunate to have this experience a few weeks ago at G-Fest XXI.

G-FEST is the largest regular gathering of Godzilla and Japanese monster fans in the world. Held each summer, it typically attracts more than 1000 attendees. G-FEST 2013 was the most successful convention to date, bringing in more than 2000 Japanese science fiction and fantasy film fans!

It is a family-oriented convention which caters to a wide variety of interests within the kaiju genre. G-FEST features presentations and Q & A sessions by actors and crew from the Japanese Godzilla films, fan presentations on topics of interest, contests and gaming, new and classic kaiju movies, the western world’s largest kaiju-oriented dealers room, and lots of fun and camaraderie.

I have heard about G-Fest over the years but the timing was never right for me to attend one. This year I wasn’t going to let another one pass me by before I had the chance to fully experience what it’s like to be in the atmosphere of other monster loving fans. 

The weekend was jammed pack with panels, short and full-length film viewings, art shows, an art gallery, guest signings and what’s a convention without a fully stocked vendor’s room. 

To get the full effect of G-Fest this year here are some photos of all the glorious monstrous fun. 

Godzilla and King Kong aren’t the only celebrated monsters at G-Fest

The Artist’s Alley showcased talented artists’ diverse kaiju inspired work. 

Another one of my favorite attractions at G-Fest was art contest submissions. People of all ages created spectacular work to show their love for monsters. 

For anyone who is a fan of all things monsters, I highly recommend coming out to a G-Fest one year so you can experience the impressive amounts of monster discussions, artwork and toys, toys toys!!! 

A big thanks to Jeff Horne and J.D. Lees for putting together a fun-filled weekend and another big thanks to Tom Miller for his fantastic photos. 

To learn more about G-Fest check out their website

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