Friday Film Recommendations: June 26th

Happy Friday film loving folks! 

If you’re looking for some movies on Netflix but you don’t want to waste your time scanning lists and genres, don’t worry because I did that for you! 

Go make yourself some popcorn, sit in your favorite chair and queue up one or all of my picks for this week! 

Devil’s Knot

If you’re not familiar with the story of the West Memphis Three, this film re-captures the dramatic moments surrounding the events of three murdered boys and three teens accused of the murders. 

From the start of the HBO documentaries all the way up to the latest West of Memphis film, I have been following this story for years. This movie is a cut and dry made for tv-esque take on the events. 

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Old Boy

After being held captive for years for unknown reasons, Joe Doucett is suddenly released. Now, his only mission is to hunt down and punish his captors.

Old Boy is definitely on the “Why, why is this being remade?!” list. But it happened and there nothing we can do about that. I checked it out due to curiosity and to play the comparison game. It’s not a bad movie but it’s an unnecessary remake plus it’s ineffective when you already know how it’s going to end.

If you are curious about this movie as well, here is your chance to check it out.

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Wolf Creek 2 

In this follow up movie, the tourist hating Outback serial killer continues to kill more people for fun.

Seriously ya’ll, this movie is terrible. Yet… I enjoyed it!  It’s stupid, over the top and gory as hell but I was in the mood for it so it worked. 

The first movie had its effectiveness due to the surrounding “true events” that took place. This sequel goes too far fetched making it impossible to believe that it was based on anything real. 

In the end I was entertained and that all I could ask for. 

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Night of the Creeps

Alien slugs are unleashed on Earth causing college co-eds to turn into zombies. 

I’m happy to see this wonderful classic film streaming on Netflix. 

Watch it and think to yourself “The guy who is a part of the new Predator movie made this, maybe there is hope!” 

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Grand Piano 

A pianist returning to the stage five years after a public meltdown learns that a sniper will shoot him and his wife if he plays just one wrong note.

I really enjoyed this movie even though it has kind of a Phone Booth feel to it. It’s suspenseful and exciting. 

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Enjoy your weekend folks! 


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