Monster May: My Five Favorite Things About Gamera

Happy World Turtle Day everyone!


As I continue with my Monster May theme, I recently watched Gamera for the first time.


I knew the movie was going to be ridic but I wanted to see a turtle fly around and terrorize people.


The movie was entertaining but it was kind of terrible as well. I did like Gamera as a character so I came up with a few of my favorite things about Gamera.


1.       He’s super slow! If Gamera attacked my city, I know that I would have time to get some stuff done before I would need to flee. I would have enough time to fix my makeup, make a sandwich or even call my insurance company to make sure that any damage done would be covered by some monster policy. No need to rush.


                                 Gamera Walk
2.       He has a cool protective shell.  When I don’t want to be bothered, I throw a blanket over my head. When enemies attack Gamera all he has to do is go inside his shell and chill out till the gun fire ends. I bet he even has cable and Wi-Fi in there.

3.       He’s like Godzilla. Gamera is kind of a rip-off of Godzilla. He’s basically Godzilla with a back pack. As annoying as that is, I like that they are alike. They both breathe fire and they are both misunderstood loners. I can relate to that.

4.       He’s more entertaining that the new Ninja Turtles trailer. When I first saw that  trailer my childhood cried and my eyes burn. Yes, I’m probably being overly judgmental and unfair but I can say right now, Gamera is better that that trailer.

5.       And my fifth favorite thing about Gamera- This…



So far I’ve only seen the first Gamera movie but I am planning on seeking out more because he’s kind of cool and I’m still certain all of his movies combined will be better than the new Ninja Turtles movie!
*This post is dated May 23nd, please check back after the release of the TMNT to see if I eat my words*

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