Monster May: Godzilla (1954) A Fish Out of Water

I know what it’s like to feel like I don’t have a place in the world. Sometimes I can be socially awkward. I have my moments when I walk into a room filled with people and I think, “I don’t belong here, but I’m going to try to work the room.”
I imagine this is what it’s like to be Godzilla.
In 1954 Godzilla first stomped into theaters. This film told us everything we needed to know about Godzilla- he’s a product of nuclear testing, he’s a sea creature that sometimes likes to stretch his legs out on land and also, he’s alone.


The film portrays Godzilla as a dangerous monster that needs to die so the people of Japan can feel safe but it didn’t capture his perspective as a sad and lonely creature trying to connect with humans.
The people of Japan see Godzilla as a harmful monster who takes pleasure in sinking ships and destroying homes. They run in fear when he is present and they shoot at him or do what they can to hurt him.
I think Godzilla is a misunderstood loner. He has to deal with being a big ass monster. It’s not like a bad haircut that you throw a hat on till it grows out, he has to live with being a monster with atomic breath for the rest of his life.

He doesn’t even release his atomic breath until people start attacking him. He has the right to try to protect himself but who knows, maybe he had heartburn or it was just a bad reaction to a chili cheese dog. We don’t know his life!



I may not speak Gojira but I can see how Godzilla would want to take a break from swimming around all day to take a rest on land. And ok, maybe a couple of houses and buildings are in the way while he’s trying to take a stroll. He can’t help it if he’s clumsy.

 I can understand why the people of Japan would get a little scared at first. I remember being scared the first time I saw a horse. But I looked beyond those frightening teeth and blood lust eyes and I gave horses a chance.

By the end of the film Godzilla was defeated and I was brokenhearted. I felt like if he was given a fair chance the people of Japan and Godzilla could have lived together in peace and they would learn sooner than later that he would protect them from real dangerous monsters.



Until a monster starts eating people, grabbing ladies out of their homes and making them their building climbing bitch, I say, why not gives monsters a chance huh?




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