Monster May: Godzilla (2014): My Summer’s Superhero

As a kid I grew up on the cheesy Godzilla vs *insert other monster here* movies. Godzilla was my childhood hero so I loved everything related to him.

In my teen years, Roland Emmerich’s Godzilla happened and I was not pleased with it. It was so terrible that my body rejected all memories of that movie.

When news spread about a new and improved Godzilla gracing the big screen again, I had my reservations about it. When I heard that Gareth Edwards was involved and it would also star Bryan Cranston, I allowed myself to get excited.

I love what Edwards did with Monsters and Cranston is brilliant in everything that he does.

People complained about Godzilla’s CGI, the Asian community said he was too fat, I did not care about any of these things. I wanted to see Godzilla roar and smash (maybe even do a tail slide).

To simply dilute the plot of the film in order to keep things spoiler free, the story is a paint by numbers, typical journey about a solider fighting through the monster mayhem to help save the world and reunite with his family. The characters fall under the shadow of the monster madness so it was hard to invest in anyone throughout the film.


My favorite and most frustrating thing about Godzilla is his little screen time in ratio to the film as a whole. His first few scenes were short so it teased the audience, giving them just a taste of what’s to come for the big battle at the end. Those moments built excitement and it made the film feel more engaging.

My frustration with Godzilla is that I wanted more! I wanted him to fight more monsters, I wanted him to roar a few more times, I could even settled on watching him majestically swim through the sea. I loved every scene he was in.

I may not have been satisfied with the story that was written around Godzilla but I did leave the theater feeling delighted. My 8 year-old self was jumping up and down, cheering and chanting “YES! YES! AGAIN! AGAIN.”

That’s all I could have asked for in Godzilla.

Kaiju fans rejoice, the King of Monsters crashes into theaters today.


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