Monster May: I Like Cloverfield! There! I Said It!

When I made a list of all the monster movies I wanted to watch this month, revisiting Cloverfield was at the top of that list.
I posted on my facebook page showing that I was watching Cloverfield and some of my friends responded that they kind of liked that movie. It seemed almost like they we unsure if they wanted to admit that they did. Sure when it came out haters were hating on the whole shaky camera thing and nit picking other minor things, all ignoring that there was a giant monster taking over New York, eating people and having parasite monsters help out. Hello, that’s awesome!
Cloverfield has a great structure for a modern day monster movie.
 Rob is ready to move to Japan to start a new job. His friends decide to throw him a surprise party before he leaves.
The party is interrupted by what seemed like an earthquake or possible terrorist attack. The partygoers soon realize that the city has been taken over by a giant monster!  Rawr!
Instead of moving to Japan to see monsters attacking each other, one came to Rob.
While fleeting to safety, Rob gets a call from the girl that he is in love with. She’s trapped in her apartment and needs to be recused. Rob basically called her a dirty slut-whore the last time he saw her so he feels the need to save her so she doesn’t die feeling like he really thought she was a dirty slut-whore.
Rob and a few of his friends, yes, one is holding a camera the whole time, go through the city ducking gun fire, explosions and parasite attacks to save the girl.
Cloverfield was a ride filled with tension, sadness and scary monster thrills.
Maybe it’s unrealistic that someone can hold on to a camera for however long Hud held on to it and maybe, just maybe it’s unlikely that an alien monster will rise from the ocean and attack us all.
 I still appreciated Cloverfield giving life to the monster movie genre so I stand tall at 5 feet and proudly say, I LOVE CLOVERFIELD!

2 thoughts on “Monster May: I Like Cloverfield! There! I Said It!

  1. Nothing wrong with that – I love Cloverfield too, and I think it's one of the best (or at least one of my favorite) found footage movies out there. Hud is actually a very good cameraman, so I didn't have any problem with any “shaky cam.” Haters just gonna hate.

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