Friday Film Recommendations: May 2nd

Happy Friday film lovers! 

Are you looking for some new movies to add to your Netflix queue? 

Well I have a mix bag of suggestions for your viewing pleasure. 

Check it out! 


Sam is pissed at her girlfriend so she goes to a friend’s party to get super drunk and have some careless fun. Sam ends up hooking up with a stranger which results in something that appears to be an STD. While Sam goes through some crotchy issues, she blows off her symptoms not realizing that she has something worse than crabs or herpes. 

Contracted is an unsettling cautionary tale to ladies who like to hook up with random strangers with dirty penises. 

I thought this was a great little indie flick but it did make me feel disgusted with having a vagina. So, I guess it was an effective movie after all! 

Watch Here

Here Comes the Devil

During a family trip, parents lose their two children. After frantically searching and thinking the worse, the children reappear but seemingly not the same. The parents goes through the motions with dealing with their children’s odd behavior only to realize later that something sinister may be involved. 

I have mixed feelings about the actual plot of this movie. The story jumps around a lot so there is no real connection to a lot of things that happen. And with that said, I still kind of liked it. I get where they were going with it I just wished the story was more linear. Still worth checking out! 

Watch Here

Insidious: Chapter 2

Picking up from the end of the first movie, The Lambert family continues to deal with scary ghosts who act like a bunch of assholes. 

For the sake of being honest, I did not like this movie much. I’m suggesting it to anyone who wants to see the follow up to the first movie. I have to check it out again to see if it’s still as LULZ as I remembered it to be. I remember thinking “Um….am I watching a remake to the Shining right now?” but again I can be cynical and snobby at times. But here it is, streaming for your own opinion! 

Watch Here

100 Bloody Acres

Brothers who run a compost business attribute their success to their special ingredient…PEOPLE! 

When the nicer brother meets a girl and her friends on the side of road looking for help, he decides to defy his brother and help them instead of trying to chop them up. 

Of course the other brother finds out that well… watch the movie! 

Watch Here  

Odd Thomas

In a small California town, a short order cook with the power to see the dead senses a dark power preparing to take over the town. 

I am a big fan of the book and I found that even though the narrative is a little cheesy, this movie was loyal to the pages. I knew everything that was going to happen throughout the whole movie yet it still put me through an emotional ride. 

Watch Here 

Have a great weekend folks! 

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