Adventures of a Geeky Fan Girl: C2E2 2014

It’s the end of April in Chicago. The snow on the ground is gone and the geeks and nerds get the chance to come out of hibernation to gather together at C2E2

If you’re not familiar with C2E2, it is a Chicago-based convention spanning the latest and greatest from the worlds of comics, movies, television, toys, anime, manga and video games. From a show floor packed with hundreds of exhibitors, to panels and autograph sessions giving fans a chance to interact with their favorite creators, to screening rooms featuring sneak peeks at films and television shows months before they hit either the big or small screen. 

This is my 4th year at C2E2 and so far the best. I think it’s safe to say that every year gets better and better. C2E2 has easily become my favorite convention and a great outlet for my inner geek girl to break loose. 

Experience my C2E2 weekend in the form of awesome pictures below! 

Costume Contest Contestants 

Random Floor Pics 

Game of Thrones Panel with Natalia Tena (Osha) and Kristian Nairn (Hodor) 

If you’ve watched the show (and even if you haven’t I can’t consider this a spoiler) you are aware of the fact that Hodor is known for a short scene where he has a giant weiner. When Kristian Nairn was added to C2E2’s guest list, I jokingly told all of my friends about how excited I was to meet Hodor’s Ween-Dor. Yes, I can be a bit of a perv at times but joking aside, I wasn’t going to take any of their suggestions on bringing up the wiener thing when meeting Kristian.  

Turns out that I didn’t have to. During the Q&A, the majority of the questions were about Hodor’s in the pants monster. All the questions I ever had were answered all without having to ask. 

The duo did also talked about harsh conditions during filming, who they thought should be on the throne and their feelings about Red Wedding. But again, mostly penis questions. 
More Floor and costume pics
Ernie Hudson signing for fans 

One of the best things I got over the weekend was a drawing of me riding Godzilla done by Mad Magazine’s Tom Richmond.

I am now able to take “Ride Godzilla” off my bucket list thanks to Mr. Richmond. 

RJ Mitte (Breaking Bad panel) 

RJ talked about his experience with starting Breaking Bad when he was only 14 years-old. He also talked about being an actor with a disability and the hardships that come with it.  

RJ signing my Chemistry Set

The Crow Reunion Panel (Michael Massee, Tony Todd, & Ernie Hudson) 

A fan dressed up for the Q&A 

This was Michael Massee’s first convention and it was an honor to sit through this panel and hear the stories these three had while working on the film. 

My last day of C2E2 started off with the Stan Lee panel. It was the best start of the any of the three days. 

It was an incredible delight to be in the presences of Stan and hear about his journey with Marvel.His accomplishments are damn inspiring plus he’s so flippin’ hilarious and cute! I will forever feel honored that I got a chance to met him. 

And thus concludes another great year at C2E2. 

A super awesome, special thanks to Wolf Gnards and Tom Miller. 

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