Friday Film Recommendations: Jan 9th

Happy Friday film lovers! 

Are you looking for some new movies to add to your Netflix queue? 

Well I have a mix bag of suggestions for your viewing pleasure. 

Check it out! 

All the Boys Love Mandy Lane

Mandy Lane is a super mega hottie. All the boys at her school want to bone her but no one has ever been able to seal the deal. Some of her wild classmates invite her out to a weekend at a secluded ranch to attempt to loosen her up.

The weekend turns deadly when a killer stalks the teens, leaving Mandy to fight for her life. 

I got the chance to see this at a convention many years ago. I’m happy that it’s now available to the public because I think it’s worth seeing. 


This shocking documentary takes an in depth look at the treatment and training behind Sea World’s killer whales. 

I absolutely love sea animals so it breaks my heart to see documentaries like this (and The Cove) which features these creatures forced to adapt outside of their natural environment. 

Texas Chainsaw

This follow-up movie takes place after the original TCM series. 

A young lady finds out that she is the heir to a home in Texas. When she treks there with her friends she learns all about the family history along with discovering that Leatherface is still alive. 

I’ll be honest, even if you ignore the timeline error and the attempt to modernize a classic horror icon, this movie is still kind of terrible (in my humble opinion) 

I’m recommending it since it’s new on Netflix and I have found that some people did like it. If you want to see if it matches your taste or if you just want to kill some time, give it a whirl!  


Frank has always been a vanilla, straight-laced dentist.

One day a hot patient comes into his office and seduces him. Frank’s encounter with the woman takes him to a dark world of sex, drugs and murder! 

Novocaine was the kind of movie that I randomly watched one day when it was randomly on some cable channel. I ended up loving it and felt like it floats in a pile of underappreciated/unnoticed gems. 

I’m glad to see it streaming on Netflix so more people have the chance to watch it. 

American Psycho

A New York yuppie finds himself indulging in a  sociopathic and psychopathic lifestyle. 

Some people will always think of Christian Bale as Batman; for me, he will always be Patrick Bateman. 

Have a great weekend folks! 

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