Book Recommendations: The Geek’s Guide to Dating

Are you a master at Halo, but you suck at dating? Do you take pride in your comic collection but fear that you won’t find a partner who understands?

As a horror geek, I understand obstacles of finding someone on par with your passion for geeky things. 

The Geek’s Guide to Dating is the perfect book to help you find a player two in your life. 

This book is a fun primer for gamers, cosplayers, and academic geeks alike who want to update traditional dating rules for the modern world. 

One thing I enjoy about this book is that it’s not specifically targeted to just geeky guys. Ladies, such as myself, can learn some new skills from this manual. 

If you’re looking for cheat codes to level-up in the game of dating, I strongly recommend adding The Geek’s Guide to Dating to your geeky collection. 

To learn more or buy The Geek’s Guide to Dating, check out the official site HERE

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