Holiday Horror: Jack Frost

This time of year I like to hibernate from the Chicago cold and warm myself up with chai tea and holiday horror movies.

Earlier today I saw a commercial for Michael Keaton’s Jack Frost airing on some cable channel. It inspired me to watch the horror version of Jack Frost, though that Keaton movie does look damn frightening.

Jack Frost is vicious serial killer who swore to get revenge on the cop who put him away. 

On the snowy night of Jack Frost’s execution, the truck transporting him crashes into a genetics truck. Jack Frost is freed but he gets sprayed by a chemical from the genetics truck. Jack Frost is melted into the snow, appearing dead and dissolved. 

Everyone assumes that Frost is dead but Sam, the cop who put him away, still has an unsettling feeling that he may still be alive. 

And he is! 

Well kind of. The chemicals that sprayed Jack mutated him to fuse with the snow turning him into the ultimate killer snowman! 

Jack Frost terrorizes Sam’s little town which gives him reason to believe that Frost is still killing from beyond the grave. 

When representatives of the genetics company reveal that Jack Frost is a full-on killer snowman, Sam tries to finds ways to destroy Frost and save his town and family.

It’s been some time since I’ve watched Jack Frost so the overwhelming amount of forgotten cheesiness made my day. 

I love that Jack Frost is meant to be an amusing and an absurd horror tale. 

I feel that Jack Frost is an underrated gem that deserved some acknowledgement this time of year. That is why I’m glad I kicked off my yearly holiday horror watch list with this ridiculous piece of awesome. 

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