Friday Film Recommendations: Nov 15th

Happy Friday film loving folk! 

Are you looking for something to add to your Netflix queue? Well don’t fret my pet, I have suggestions for you listed below! 


Frank has problems with women. He falls in love easily but his mommy issues affects his relationships. 

When Frank falls for a girl, he scalps her, puts it on a mannequin then acts like the mannequin is for reals.

If you’ve seen the original, this fantastic remake takes a unique, POV approach to the story. 

Maniac easily became one of my favorite movies of the year, so I recommend it to all horror fans. 

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V/H/S 2

Another round of mystery VHS stories continue to play in this sequel.

I thought the first V/H/S movie was just ok so I didn’t have high hopes for this follow up but I ended up loving it.

The stories are refreshing and creepy. (The sleepover segment scared the poop out of me ya’ll!) 

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Death Wish 4: The Crackdown 

Charles Bronson gets revenge by kicking ass.

‘Nuff said. 

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Sharks + Torandos= Do I need to say more?

Well, I have one thing I should say….

If you have not seen this during it’s constant Syfy run, I will give you a warning. This majority of this movie is soooo boring! It’s fun but shit does not get real until the last 20 minutes so be prepared. 

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Chuck is a smart slacker working at an electronic store. One day he gets a computer program downloaded into his head which contains government secrets and skills. With the guidance of government agents, Chuck becomes a super, sexy awesome spy. 

This was such a great show! My heart broken when it ended but I’m happy to see that I can re-watch old eps via Netflix. 

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For one week only, FearNet will be featuring Argento’s Opera online! 

Watch Here 

Have a great weekend folks! 

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