31 Days of Halloween: Day 25: V/H/S 2

I had some issues with the first V/H/S film. I had heard a massive amount of people praising it for being one of the best horror films of the year.

I went in with high hopes and walked out with lukewarm feelings.

I like V/H/S but I did not think it’s was the greatest thing since sliced bread with sugar on top and bacon on the side.

It was just ok.

I wanted to see what V/H/S 2 had to offer but I wasn’t expecting much. Again I heard it was great but I’ve been lied to before.

Well, I’m happy to say that V/H/S 2 blew my expectations away along with putting some genuine fear in me!

Here’s the L.D. on the stories: 
For the first story, a car accident victim becomes apart of an experimental cybernetic eye.
As he adjusts to his new sight, he starts to see ghost haunting his apartment. At first he thinks his fake eye is playing tricks on him but he can’t help but feel like the ghosts are real.
I feel like thought this starter story is good, it’s the weaker of the bunch. It felt rushed and cut short of more of a structured or developed story.

The second story made the whole “camera point of view” more personal. A biker testing out a camera helmet gets attacked by a zombie in the park. From then on out we see his point of view as a zombie preying for humans.
It takes on a fun, unique perspective of being a zombie. 

The third story, which is the overall best, is about a documentary crew exploring a cult’s facility. They want to get the inside view of the place and get “their story” about the lives they lead. The day the crew arrive, all the members go on a killing/suicidal rampage. The crew get stuck in the middle of the madness and a revelation of something of pure evil.

Folks, I’m afraid of aliens. I’m afraid that they will come into my bedroom at night, beam me up to their cold, sterile,  surgical room and put stuff in my butt.  
A slumber party is invaded by aliens trying to collect the kids and take them away.
This segment completely terrified me and left me shaken after it was done. It was the best way to complete the stories.

I was very impressed with V/H/S 2 so I would be completely on board for another one. 

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