31 Days of Halloween: Day 24: A Nightmare on Elm Street remake revisited

Sometimes I can feel like a snobby horror lover when I leave a movie not liking anything about it. 

Often I can always find something I like in any movie but there are the rare times when I find a film unredeemable. 

Nightmare on Elm Street the remake is an example.

This came on tv and I had nothing else better to do so I decided to give it a second go and see if it was just as awful as I remembered it to be.

Yes, yes it was!

I loved that the original story line had Freddy killing children to get revenge on the people of Springwood for taking away his daughter. 

The remake made him into a dirty child molester who wants to kill the kids that told on him. 

Maybe the original Freddy molested a child or two, it was never really clarified but I liked believing that he was just a disturbed man that killed. 

The remake tainted that for me.

Also, I loved that the original Nancy was Freddy’s first fighter. She discovered his weaknesses and risked her life to find a way to destroy his ability to rule Dreamland. 

The remake Nancy was Freddy’s favorite person to molest. The whole reason why he haunts her dreams is so scare her so bad that she’ll stay awake so long that it will cause her to slip into a coma. Why does he want her to go into a coma you ask? Because he wants to keep her in Dreamland so he can keep molesting her forever.


I gave Nightmare on Elm Street a fair second chance and I still found it as unappealing as I did the first time. 

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