31 Days of Halloween: Day 23: Snakes on a Plane

I love it when horror movies take a step out of the norm to be completely ludicrous.

One such movie was Snakes on a Plane. 

Before *insert deadly animal mashup* vs *insert other deadly animal mashup* took over the Sci-fi channel, Snakes on a Plane happened. 

The plot is just as ridiculous as the movie sounds. 

A laid back guy witnesses a brutal murder. The killer is a notorious mob boss who is known for eliminating anyone who gets in his way.

When the guy is rescued by a cop (Sammy L in the house ya’ll) he is taken on a plane ride to L.A. to testify. 

The mob guy can’t think of any other way to kill the witness other than putting deadly snakes on his plane in attempt to take the plane down. 

Yes, he seriously said he had no other choice. Seriously. 

With no further explanation really needed, snakes take over the plane, some people die, some fight them off and Sammy curses about it. 
I haven’t seen Snakes on a Plane since the dvd was released many years ago but I have to say, it still holds up!

It’s outrageously stupid but at least it owes up to it. 

I think some day in the future, Snakes on a Plane will end up being a fantastic cult classic playing at midnight theaters one day. Well, one can hope at least. 

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