Shut Up & Take My Money: Oct 29th

Greeting fellow movie watchers and comic book collectors. 

Are you looking for a new flick to watch or new comics to read? 

Check out this week’s latest releases! 


Scream Factory All Night Horror Marathon, Vol. 2 (Cellar Dweller, Catacombs, The Dungeonmaster & Contamination 7)



Paul, a young computer ace, is forced to pit his physical and mental skills against unimaginable odds when a hulking wizard looking for formidable opponents picks him as his next challenger. Paul faces a series of seven spectacular and death-defying challenges and must survive not only to save his life but that of his girlfriend too. Pretty cool!


The promising career of a horror comic book artist ends in a fiery death when he confronts the carnage of his own imagination in his studio. Years later, an ardent devotee of the artist’s work becomes a resident in his house, now an art academy, unaware that her imagination has revived the grotesque murderer of the past…and that she may be the next victim. Whoa.


For over 400 years, the curse of the Abbey at San Pietro was kept a secret. Buried deep beneath the monastery lies the Beast of the Apocalypse. The power of evil is unleashed when an American priest and a beautiful young schoolteacher uncover the unholy terror of a diabolical spell cast centuries ago. Now, it will take the ultimate sacrifice for the curse that will not be denied. For real.

CONTAMINATION .7 (AKA The Crawlers AKA Creepers) 

When radioactive waste from a nearby nuclear plant turns the local trees into man-eating plants, a group of determined villagers must fight them to the death. Crazy, right?

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Roger Corman’s Horror Classics Vol. 1


Film Chest Presents The Terror, Dementia 13 and A Bucket of Blood, all classic Roger Corman films in a 3 DVD Collector s Set in stunning HD restoration developed from the original 35mm prints. Roger Corman is one of the most prolific and successful producers that ever worked in film and whose credits include dozens of genuine cult classics. His ability to find and develop talent is incomparable and the films specifically presented here reveal the early skills of Francis Ford Coppola, Jack Nicholson along with character actor, Dick Miller and the classic Boris Karloff. Corman s influence on modern American cinema is almost unparalleled. In 2009, he was honored with an Academy Award for Lifetime Achievement.

A Bucket of Blood, when a frustrated waiter at a beatnik café accidently kills his landlady’s cat and tries to hide the body in plaster, he is mistaken as a brilliant sculptor with requests for more suspiciously lifelike work.

Dementia 13, a recently widowed woman travels to Ireland, only to find herself trapped in a creepy, decrepit castle with her ex-husband s demented family.

The Terror, a soldier from Napoleon s 19th century France finds that nothing is what it seems in the ghostly haunted mansion of death.

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Santa Claus Conquers the Martians: Kino Classics Special Edition (1964)


A film this bad has never looked so good! Kino Classics proudly presents a fully restored edition (from HD elements) of the notorious holiday classic. The Martians are irked that their children spend so much time watching TV shows from Earth that sing the praises of Santa Claus, so they decide to make a trek to the planet to capture Mr. Claus. During their mission, they also abduct two children who lead the aliens to the North Pole and Santa. The Martians take all three earthlings back to Mars, where, with the help of a native, they manage to spread Christmas cheer throughout the red planet. SCCTM took on newfound fame in the 1990’s after being featured on Mystery Science Theater 3000 and became a holiday staple on Comedy Central in the years following its 1991 premiere, becoming one of the series’ most popular episodes. It has since found new life again in the 2000’s, having been riffed by Cinematic Titanic, which includes former cast members from MST3K, as of November 2008. Scenes from the movie were also used in both Comedy Central’s ”A Colbert Christmas” and ”Eloise at Christmastime”.


”The Retro Holiday Film Festival” that includes Vintage Max Fleischer Holiday Cartoons, Seasons Greetings from Calssic TV Stars, Howdy Doody’s Christmas Story, Rare, Remastered Holiday Commercials and much, much more!

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R.I.P.D. (2013)


Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds headline this supernatural action-adventure as two cops dispatched by the Rest In Peace Department (R.I.P.D.) to protect and serve the living from increasingly destructive spirits hiding among the unsuspecting on Earth. When they uncover a plot that could end life as we know it, the new partners have to turn grudging respect into top-notch teamwork to restore the cosmic balance…or watch the tunnel to the afterlife begin sending angry souls the very wrong way.

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Monsters University (DVD) (2013)


Disney Pixar proudly presents the hilarious story of how two mismatched monsters met and became lifelong friends in a movie screaming with laughter and oozing with heart. Ever since college-bound Mike Wazowski (Billy Crystal) was a little monster, he dreamed of becoming a Scarer – and he knows better than anyone that the best Scarers come from Monsters University (MU). But during his first semester at MU, Mike’s plans are derailed when he crosses paths with hotshot, James P. Sullivan, “Sulley” (John Goodman), a natural-born Scarer. The pair’s out of control competitive spirit gets them both kicked out of the University’s elite Scare Program. With their dreams temporarily dashed, they realize they will have to work together, along with an odd bunch of misfit monsters, if they ever hope to make things right. Pull an all-nighter with hours of exclusive bonus extras, including an inside look at the world of monsters and the animated theatrical short film The Blue Umbrella. Monsters University opens the door to huge laughs on Disney Blu-ray.

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The Werewolf of New York: A Supernatural Law Book


The Werewolf of New York is the story of Leon Reed, a werewolf who was stalking New York until he was arrested. Thanks to attorneys Alanna Wolff and Jeff Byrd, Leon catches a break. However, a werewolf advocacy group disagrees with how Wolff and Byrd handled the case and influence Leon to make a decision that has the counselors putting their reputations on the line as they try to save their client.

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I’d Rather Be Short: 100 Reasons Why It’s Great to Be Small


Leggy supermodels and pro basketball players be warned: being tall doesn’t mean you’re always a step up in life

Graphic designer Becky Murphy is five-foot-nothing and proud to be petite. Sure, sometimes being diminutive gets you the short end of the stick, but there are also plenty of unique advantages to being under 5’4”—and Murphy has compiled the 100 best reasons in the delightfully whimsical I’d Rather Be Short. Illustrated in a charming, quirky style, I’d Rather Be Short highlights the benefits of being petite, from the sensible to the absurd, including:

· You get the best of both worlds: kids’ meals and cocktail parties
· You’re never expected to help your friends move
· Concertgoers usually won’t hassle you when you shimmy up to the front
· You’re less likely to get struck by lightning
· Skirts can be dresses; dresses can be skirts
· You’re just the way you should be

Witty and heartwarming, I’d Rather Be Short is a celebration of self-acceptance—and an instant ego boost to pint-sized ladies everywhere. 

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You Are a Cat in the Zombie Apocalypse 


You are Holden Catfield. You’re a cat! It’s a pretty peaceful life. But one day the man in the family you live with comes home feeling quite sick, passing out in the living room. When he awakes, he isn’t the same. He tries to bite everyone! The only people in the house when he changes are you, the girl, and her girlfriend. Quickly you’re all out the door, the man trapped inside. The girls are getting into a car and beckoning you to come with them but this whole thing is frightening. Your thoughts stray to your girlfriend several houses down the alley. What will you do? Inspired by the gamebook fad of the 80s – You Are a Cat in the Zombie Apocalypse! is the much anticipated sequel to the first book in the Pick-a-Plot series, You Are a Cat! Lavishly illustrated from the first-person feline floor purrspective.

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The Colonized


A spaceship crashes into a separatist camp and manages to reanimate the dead! Now, cut off from any military aid, it’s Aliens vs. Zombies vs. Militiamen in a carnage-filled tale from the writer/creator of Zombies vs Robots!

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A Guy Who Floats: A Castaway’s Comic Strip


The misadventures of a shipwrecked guy abandoned to his fate in the middle of the ocean are told in this illustrated narrative. Clinging to a wooden box floating adrift, the protagonist reflects on his life: his past experiences as well as his slim chances of survival. Helpless and unable to do anything to improve his condition, he is consumed in his constant daydreams, alternating between absolute despair and quiet abandonment, while suffering from hunger and thirst amidst treacherous weather. His thoughts are related in a stream-of-consciousness style as he navigates both the physical challenge of the seas and the solitary existence of his mind.

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Happy reading/watching folks! 

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