31 Days of Halloween: Day 21: Cujo

Donna is a bored housewife with a shitty car and a hobby to screw around behind her husband’s back.

Cujo is a loveable dog who sticks his nose in the wrong place, causing him to get rabies.

When Donna’s husband splits town after finding out about her affair, he leaves her alone to deal with her shitty car.

Donna and Cujo cross paths when Donna and her son Tad, go to Cujo’s owner’s house to get her car fixed.

The rabies overcome Cujo, turning him into a vicious killer. He traps Donna and Tad in their car leaving them helpless against Cujo for days.

When Tad gets increasingly sick, Donna steps up and tries to take on Cujo to save herself and Tad.

I feel like Cujo carries a great big moral other than just being a movie about a killer dog.

The moral of the story: Don’t be a cheating whore. If the Donna would have not fooled around with the town stud, Cujo would have never got rabies and attacked her.

I’m sticking with this theory

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