31 Days of Halloween: Day 19 & 20: Music Box of Horrors 2013

Every year in October I go to my favorite theater, Music Box Theatre, for their 24 hour horror marathon. 

This year they decided that 24 hours just wasn’t enough for the average horror fan so they kicked up with an extra 2 hours! 

Here are the movies I watched: 

Island of Lost Souls

A shipwrecked man is taken in by a doctor who experiments on humans. The doctor has a god-like complex working with his subjects, trying to transform them from humans to animals. 

I have never the Dr. Moreau film but I did enjoy the Simpsons Halloween parody of this story. 

I love “mad scientist” type of films and this one is quite unique and less gross than most of the ones I’ve seen. Human Centipede, I’m looking at you. 

The Black Room

A prophecy is foretold that a twin Anton, will kill his brother Gregor, in a black room in their castle. 

As they grow older, Gregor attempts many hits on Anton’s life in order to keep him from killing him. Anton is the nicer one of the two and he has no intentions to hurt Gregor but Gregor believes that Anton is a threat. 

When the townsfolk want to throw Gregor out of town, he agrees to leave Anton in charge of everything while he leaves the castle for good.

What Anton doesn’t know is, Gregor plotted to kill him in the black room then pose as him to the public. 

This was my first time seeing this film and I thought it was a great story with great actors. I especially loved the ending but I won’t get into that here. 

The Manitou

An indian spirit grows inside of a woman’s neck, slowly trying to possess her and reincarnate back into the world.

This was another first time watch for me. I have seen all kinds of possession type movies but lawdy, this one was a blast!  

It’s a nice change to see something different try to possess someone. 


A skeezy landlord only rent to woman so he can watch them through the crawlspace of the building.


Another first time for me. It was more enjoyable watching with a theatre filled with horror fans. Watching this alone would not have had the same effect. 

There was more to this movie than the horribly entertaining story. The lead actor Klaus Kinski owned the role of the creepy landlord like he was playing the role of his life.  

Director David Schmoeller came to the fest to talk about the film and his experience working with Kinski. 

Maniac Cop 2

Maniac Cop Matt Cordell returns from the dead to kill criminals and to go after all the people who have wronged him!

It’s been many years since I’ve seen any of the Maniac Cop movies but I’ve still appreciated them for being seedy slashers. 

Director William Lusting came out to present the film. 

Child’s Play

A serial killer possess a doll which ends up in the hands of a little boy. The killer learns that he needs to tell the boy all of his dirty secrets in order to leave the doll and take over the kid’s body. 

Well, his mother isn’t having it. She learns that the doll is real and tries to destroy it before it kills her and takes her son. 

Child’s Play is another series that I hold dear to my heart. Around the time this film came out I was very much in love with my Kid Sister and My Buddy dolls.

That quickly changed when I saw trailers for Child’s Play. Chucky and My Buddy looked like they were related! 

I was terrified of my dolls which was the end of my doll collecting phase. 

Anyway, I never had the chance to see the first Child’s Play film in theaters so it was a wonderful experience to not only see it in a theater, but to see it in the city of Chicago.

The Slumber Party Massacre

A killer stalks high school girls during their slumber party. 

Have you ever sat down to watch a movie, thinking you’ve never seen it before, then realizing that you have. Chances are you forgot about it because you blocked it from your memory!

That’s what happened with Slumber Party Massacre. I thought it was something I should have seen before in my life but I didn’t. Well, I did see it before and it was just as awful as I tried not to remember. 

I will give this movie some credit for being insanely cheesy and for having Fred Armisen as the driller killer. 

A Nightmare on Elm St Part 3: The Dream Warriors 

I  reviewed this before when I went through the whole Nightmare series. 

After recently watching Part 2 a week prior to watching this again, I love how this film changed the progression of the Nightmare films. 

Part 2 was weak and normally a series cannot be redeemed after the sequels stray from being likeable. Dream Warriors revived Freddy into a genuinely scary villain and gave the audience character role models. 

Burial Ground

The Music Box left a big blank in the lineup of the films for the fest. They gave a clue that the film has “neck chewing” it in but that wasn’t much of a hint. 

The film ended up being Burial Ground, another first time feature for me. 

A professor opens a crypt, reanimating rotten, flesh-eating zombies! 

I am always amazed how wild and strange Italian horror films can be.  They always have scenes that either gross me out, make me laugh or make me tense. 

I loved Burial Ground for doing all of these things to me. 


A unorthodox family gets a new satellite system that picks up an alien signal. A hungry alien is transported to the family’s home through their cable. 

TerrorVision is a fantastic gem that I’m glad I got to see on the big screen. I still feel like this film is underappreciated but it’s good to know a lot of first time viewers got exposed to it at the fest. 


Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dweller live the sewers and eat homeless people. When they grow tied of dirty ass homeless people, they rise from the under ground to attack the people of New York. 

I have not seen C.H.U.D. in many years. Hell, I should be ashamed to admit that I’ve seen C.H.U.D. 2 more times than this. 

It was fun to see this in the early morning and to pick out random cast members who was nobodies back then like Daniel Stern and John Goodman. 

A Bay of Bloo

Am endless murder spree takes place at a bay. 

I watched this film a few weeks ago but it was a pleasure to watch it as the final film of the fest. 

I kind of half-assed watched it the first time around so seeing it again made me appreciate it more, especially the ending. 

It’s another “Oh Italian horror movies, you so crazy!” type of film. 

I made it through the whole 26 hour marathon…then went home and watched more horror movies. Yeah, I’m hardcore like that! 


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