31 Days of Halloween: Day 16: Cutting Class

Paula is not the typical high school hottie.

Instead of cutting class, making out with her boyfriend, partying or hanging out with her friends, all she wants to do is study. 


Paula gets a lot of male attention around school. Her boyfriend is always trying to get her away from the books, the local psychopath wants 
to hook up with her, hell, even the principal wants a shot with her. 

When Paula’s dad goes out of town, leaving her home alone, someone in her life starts killing off people close to her. 

All signs point to the psychopath but Paula believes that he’s a good guy so she bands together with him to find out who is this mystery killer. 

Cutting Class doesn’t offer scares but it does deliver great cheesy moments and there’s Brad Pitt for anyone who’s into that. (Personally I think Donovan Leitch is hotter) 

I think Cutting Class has been an unrated teen slaughter that has always deserved to be enjoyed as the corny little movie that it is. 

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