31 Days of Halloween: Day 15: Possession

I always enjoy “based on a true story/events” type of movies. 

I love putting myself in the characters situations, panicking along with them all while knowing that some aspect of the movie really happened. 

The Possession did not have that effect on me.

A young girl gets a cursed box at a yard sale. She opens the boxes and releases a Jewish demon that slowly possesses her. 


Her father seeks the help of a rabbi in order to free his daughter of the evil spirit and put it back in the box. 

There are a lot of ridiculous things that happen throughout this movie that just made me say aloud, “Yeah…that didn’t happen.”

From what I understand, some where out there, a cursed box does/did exist. People had bad experiences surrounding the box so I would love to have seen one of those documented stories as a movie other than a textbook story in The Possession. 

The Possession did have creepy moments but overall didn’t sell me on a factual piece of history. 

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