31 Days of Halloween: Day 18: Curse of Chucky

A few years ago there were rumors that Child’s Play was on the way of getting the remake treatment but last year those rumors were put to rest when it was announced that the Chucky saga would continue on with another sequel.

As a huge fan of the franchise, I didn’t care that this sequel was going to be direct to VOD and low budget, I was just happy to see another movie with my favorite redheaded, foul-mouth doll. 

Curse of Chucky is centered on a girl in a wheelchair named Nica. Nica and her mother receive a package in the mail from an unknown source. The package contains an original Good Guy doll. The ladies brush the doll aside but later that night Nica’s mother dies of an apparent suicide. 

Nica’s family comes to visit her and Nica thinks that her niece would love to have the Good Guy doll. 

In the course of a night, Chucky sneaks around finding unique ways to eliminate the family members. 

Chucky has a hidden motive to attacking this family. It’s revealed that he has had connection to the family back in his Charles Lee Ray days. The story in this sequel gives Chucky’s past a lot of meaning and depth to the person he was back in his human form. 

The thing I enjoyed the most about Curse of Chucky is that Chucky is scary again. In the first Child’s Play film, it was serious with flecks of humor. The series went on to being more humorous than anything else. Curse of Chucky goes back to the roots of how scary Chucky used to be. I missed that. 

Curse of Chucky suffers from its low budget and flaws but overall the sequel has a fitting place in the series.

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