31 Days of Halloween: Day 14: American Horror Story: Coven

When the first season of American Horror Story came out, I was intrigued. 

I watched it to see what it was all about but I wasn’t completely sold on the first try. For the most part I liked it so I wanted to see how the story would continue. When it ended I felt so-so about it but then I didn’t know where else the show could go. 

Then season two, Asylum came out last year. With all my usual October activities going on, I put aside watching any episodes of season two. 

When F/X did a marathon of the second season a few months ago, I decided to give it a go. 

I ended up loving it and feeling emotionally attached to characters that I knew I would never see again. 

This year, American Horror Story is centered around New Orleans witches. I’m originally from New Orleans and sometimes I can be a real witch, so I knew that I would enjoy this season. 

I watched the first episode almost a week after it premiered but I heard a lot of talk about it being really good and breaking viewing records. 

As of the first episode, characters are being introduced and the story is flipping between the past and the present. 

This show continues to bring on a fantastic cast each year while recycling great actors again into new roles. 

Even though there has only been one episode out, I have a feeling that American Horror Story: Coven will be the best season as of yet.

American Horror Story comes on Wednesday nights. 

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