31 Days of Halloween: Day 12 & 13: The Movieside Massacre 2013

Every year in October I attend two (yes two) 24 hour horror marathons. 

I’m hardcore like that. 

This year I went to Chicago’s Patio Theatre to attend my first marathon of the year, The Movieside Massacre.

For this marathon I was only able to do 12 hours out of the 24 but I made the most of it while I was there. 

The first thing I purchased at this marathon was this spiffy and cute Creature from the Black Lagoon figure. 

I held my toy by myself along with my Cherry Coke and started the first of many films. 

Edison’s Frankenstein

I know the story of Frankenstein very well yet I can never get tired of any adaptation of it. 

This short, silent story film gives a simple re-telling of the classic story.

I could not find a trailer for this film so I added the video of it below. 


Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man

Continuing on with the Frankenstein story, I watched Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man for the first time. 

Larry Talbot, The Wolfman, is awaken from his burial ground by grave robbers. 

He is desperate to find a cure for his curse and in his quest for answers he is led to Frankenstein’s castle. 

While rummaging through the castle looking for Frankenstein’s notes, Larry finds the frozen remains of the Monster. He releases the Monster in hopes that he will help him find Frankenstein’s notes. 
The film progresses with some silly story line that leads the Wolf Man to transform and fight the Monster. 
I love all the Universal monster mash ups so I enjoyed this blend. 

Tomb of Ligeia

Verden Fell is a reclusive man haunted by his dead wife.

One day he meets a beautiful, young woman who reminds him of his past beloved so he marries her. 

Verden’s new wife takes on similar traits as his ex. He soon finds out that the bitchy ex wants to possess his new wife so she can continue to rule his life.

Every year this fest features a Vincent Price film I’ve never seen and I always end up loving it. 

This film inspired me to seek out all Vicent Price film and have myself a marathon of just him. 


George Romero isn’t just the king of zombies, he did an amazing job at making one of the best and unique vampire tales of all time. 

Martin is a young man who grew up believing that he is a cursed vampire. 

He can walk around during the day but he has to have blood to live. 

His grandfather takes him in after his immediate family dies but he treats Martin like he is a vicious killer. 

Martin feeds into his grandfather’s concerns and warnings but he still roams the night seeking blood from female victims. 

This film was the highlight of this fest for me.

I have not seen Martin in many years so to get a chance to see a beautiful print of it, on the big screen, along with horrors, really made my night. 

Dead and Buried

A small coastal town harbors a dark secret. The townsfolk band together to murder anyone who comes to visit the town.

The local sheriff is the only one who isn’t in on these murders so he digs around to find out what’s going on with the killings.  

It doesn’t take him too long to realize that he cannot trust anyone in the town. 

Dead and Buried is another film I haven’t seen in many years. I felt like I forgotton so much so it was like watching it for the first time again. 

It was also great to meet director Gary Sherman again. 

Nightmare on Elm St. Part 2: Freddy’s Revenge 

I reviewed Nightmare on Elm St. Part 2 a few years ago when I had a marathon for the whole series. 

I still feel like it is the lesser of the whole franchise but after meeting Mark Patton and learning more about the things that happened behind the scenes, I do have some respect for the movie. 

April Fools’ Day 

College students spend April Fool’s Day weekend at their friend Muffy’s remote island home.

They think the weekend will be filled with fun and jokes but they realize that Muffy may not be who they thought she was. 

I’ve seen April Fools’ Day many times and I can never get sick of it. It has such a great cast and I always enjoy seeing the pranks before all the blood shed begins. 


I was also very thrilled to have the chance to meet the director, Fred Walton. 


The Gate 

My final film of the fest. 

Two boys accidentally open the gates of hell. They unleash an army of deadly creatures that are trying to raise hell on earth. 

The boys must find a way to seal the whole while trying to fight off the little clay monsters. 

I was a kid when I first saw this movie and my parents left me and my brothers home alone every couple of weekends. I was always convinced that one weekend, something like this was going to happen.

It never did but I still had that fear every time they left.

Thanks a lot for scarring me The Gate! 

After the Gate ended, I went home to get some sleep so I could be well rested for the Goblin show the following night. 

My second horror marathon continued on the following weekend. 

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