31 Days of Halloween: Day 10: Ghost Shark


Do you sometimes get in the mood to watch something so ridiculously dumb?


I have these moods sometimes so when I scanned my Tivo to see what horror movies where coming on soon, I saw Ghost Shark.


Ghost Shark is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a shark… that’s a ghost.


This shark was killed while being hunted and its body floated to this magical cave that gave it powers to come back as a ghost and seek revenge.


I can’t even make this up.


The shark seeks vengeance on everyone in town but the it can only attack when water is around. I mean, ghosts have to have limits right?!


Well, the ghost shark starts attacking people in pools, bath tubs, puddles, sinks, slip and slides and toilets.


Again, I’m not making this up.


I know Ghost Shark was another shark gimmick leaching off the success of Sharknado but here’s the thing, Ghost Shark was kind of brilliant.


Sharknado was crazy boring up until the last 15 minutes when shit started to get real. Ghost Shark was non stop joyride of horrible. I was excited to see water in any scene because I knew the shark was going to pop his blue, glowing ass into that water and eat someone.


And you know what? I cheered every time it happened!


The plot made no sense and the deaths were over the top hilarious so I can’t complain about this stupid movie.


I knew what I was getting myself into when I decided to sit down and watch a movie that would give  me a face full of stupid but Ghost Shark overcame my expectations.

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