Machete Kills!

When Machete first graced movie theaters, it started off as a faux trailer. The trailer was such a hit that director Robert Rodriguez decided to make it a full-length mex-ploitation film.


Machete returns to assist the president in stopping a madman from using a missile to destroy  Washington.


Machete finds that the madman is not his only enemy. Machete discovers that an evil billionaire scientist is the man behind the missile so Machete must kill him to end the threat to the U.S. His mission gets more complicated when there is a bounty out for him to be captured.


Machete continues another blood-soaked adventure while trying to complete an important mission.


Machete Kills surpasses the first film by being unapologetically ridiculous and over the top violent.


The highlight of the film is all the great cast members. Every good person and villain was filled by a greatly preformed actor including the minor roles play by Lady Gaga, Cuba Gooding Jr; Antonio Banderas and Alexa Vega.


Robert Rodriguez goes beyond telling a story. He wants the audience to have an experience while they sit in a movie theater. The experience of  Machete Kills is an action-packed, absurdly bloody and extremely entertaining love fest to old school exploitation films.


Machete Kills is out in theaters today.

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