Friday Film Recommendations: Oct 11th

Happy Friday streaming film lovers!

If you’re looking for movies to watch I have a few suggestions for you!

Check out what’s streaming on Netflix below! 

The Faculty

In honor of Robert Rodriguez’s Machete Kills out today, I had to add this gem to the list. 

A high school is the center of an alien invasion. The invasion starts with the school’s faculty working it’s alien spreading host to students.

A group of students figure out what’s going and try to stop it before the invasion takes over the world! 

Watch Now

Bad Ass

Another “in honor of Machete Kills coming out today here is a film about an elder man who stands up to hoodlums. The incident is caught on tape leading him to more dangerous situations. 

Watch Now 

Tales from the Hood

This anthology film portrays horror stories that are straight up from the hood. 

I love that is one is more unique than other horror anthology. Who knew that the hood could have evil dolls, penis grabbing ghosts and abusive monsters?!

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A tire has special mind trick powers and uses it to kill people who gets in his way. 

Yep, it’s a tire… that kills people. 

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House on Haunted Hill

Forget that super crappy remake and watch the great original House on Haunted Hill. 

Watch Now 

Have a great weekend folks! 

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