31 Days of Halloween: Day 8: The Ice Cream Man

A few days ago I had a dream that I owed Clint Howard some money. I didn’t feel like paying him so he broke into my apartment and stole my porn. This scary, realistic dream inspired me to watch the movie The Ice Cream Man. 

Clint Howard plays a creepy ice cream man. When he was younger he loved his local ice cream man. One day while waiting to get his ice cream on, he saw the ice cream man get killed.

He spent a lot of time in a mental hospital until he was released then he took the job as an ice cream man.

While serving ice cream to kids and neighborhood people, he manages to kill people around town and uses their parts in the making of his ice cream. 

There is no denying that this movie is terrible and Clint Howard will forever have a face that will make anyone shudder but it’s a fun little flick. 

After I watched this movie I looked into what other films the director did. Ya’ll will never believe what kind of films the director did before taking on The Ice Cream Man. He did porn! He was all about the porn! I find it beautifully ironic that I had a dream that Clint Howard stole my porn and I woke up thinking, “hmm I should watch Ice Cream Man again.” 

I never believed in magic until now. 

Thank you Ice Cream Man. 

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