31 Days of Halloween: Day 7: Hollow Man

While deciding on what movie I should watch for this day, I noticed that my dear TiVo recorded Hollow Man for me.

When going through a list of movies on your TiVo, one with a naked Kevin Bacon running around killing people will trump all.

Hollow Man is about a team of scientists testing out the elusive formula for invisibility. They have tested on animals with much success but they cannot figure out how to reverse the subject back to the visible state. 

Sebastian Caine, the scientist leading the project, cracks the code to fixing the reversal problem. He’s an egomaniac feasting on all the god-like power the project provides for him. 

Sebastian wants to move on to human trials but the committee overseeing the project denies him. He’s not one to take no for an answer so he tricks his team and tells them that the committee was super cool with them testing the invisibility serum on him.

Sebastian becomes invisible and the team learns that they cannot turn him back. 

At first Sebastian becomes stir crazy while being locked up in the lab waiting to become visible again. He slowly starts to lose his mind and breaks out of the lab to live a little. Some joy riding, raping and freaking some kids out gives Sebastian the idea that being invisible ain’t so bad.

He decides to kill off all the people who knows about him being invisible so that he can go running around some more, joy riding, raping and freaking out some kids.  

Hollow Man has taught me the pros and cons about being invisible. The pros are you can look like shit and no one can see that, you can be a magician’s assistant and/or you can pants people. The cons are you eventually go crazy and start killing people.

As much fun as it would be to go into the boys’ locker room or give that bitch at work a stupid haircut, being a psycho killer (qu’est que c’est) kind of kills all the fun out of it. 

Damn you naked Kevin Bacon. 

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