31 Days of Halloween: Day 5: Death Note & Death Note 2: The Last Name

While I was rummaging through my movie collection looking for something cool to watch, I noticed that it’s been a while since I watched the Death Note series. So of course I had to watch it.


What if you had the power to kill anyone in the world? Would you use that power for good or for evil?


Light is a college student learning criminal law. He thought that becoming a lawyer and putting criminals away would change the world but he learned that some criminals get away with their crimes and there is nothing that the law can do about it.
Light stumbles upon a notebook called Death Note. Instructions inside the notebook state that if you write the name of a person on the pages while picturing their face, that person will instantly die of a heart attack. If you want them to die in a specific way, you can write the details about their demise with their name in the book and it will happen.


Light takes it upon himself to rid the world of scum. He follows along news stories of criminals then he writes their name in the notebook.


Attached to the Death Note is supernatural spirit known as Ryuk, a god of death. He follows Light for the entertainment of watching him kill.


The public gives Light’s unknown identity the name of “Kira.” Some people worship him for killing off the criminals while other people think that he is a killer who should leave the job to the police.


The police grow weary in trying to find Kira so they enlist the help L, the best detective in the world. L is an eccentric teenage boy who is cunning and untouchably smart.  He narrows down the search to a list of people who may match Kira and Light is on the list.


At first Light’s mission was to free the world of crime and to make people feel safe but he reaches a point where he is willing to sacrifice good people to protect himself from being discovered.


Light continues to kill off bad guys but in the process he becomes one.


By the end of the first film, Light gives the police a reason to believe that he is not Kira and he can be a good use to the force in helping out in the case.


L, on the other hand, will not give up until he can prove that Light is Kira.


In Death Note 2: The Last Name, the story picks up directly after the first one. Light is on the Kira case trying to help police track him down while covering his ass as he still attempts to kill off bad guys using the Death Note.


Light learns that a second death note is floating around and a famous female tv personality is also killing off criminals using her book. The girl, Misa, trades in half of her life to get the power to see people’s names. She seeks out Light to team up with him to take out criminals.


Light has no interest in Misa but he takes advantage of her “new eyes” in order to find out L’s real name.
Light’s overwhelming sense of power and destruction spirals out of control taking down everyone around him including the people who love him just so he can go on killing anyone who gets in his way.



Death Note is a lot like Dexter in the sense that someone is doing something bad in order to stop someone bad. In Dexter’s case he had an uncontrollable urge to kill that he directed towards criminals in order to justify his actions. Light started off wanting make the world safer but instead he became something deadly and evil.

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