31 Days of Halloween: Day Three: Bad Milo

We’ve all had those times in our lives when we have been so stressed out that we could just choke someone! 

Stress has a negative effect on our bodies but what if it had a more deadly effect? 

Duncan is a guy who grew up with a sensitive stomach which has always gotten worse when he was stressed out. The pain he feels intensifies whenever he bottles up his emotions. He never wants to release his stress or bother anyone with what he’s feeling so the result of that pent up tension has manifested a killer monster in his intestines. 

Yes, he has a monster living in his ass.

Duncan reaches a point where he cannot handle all the stressful situations with work and his wife. While he sits on the toilet after another stomach problem issue, the monster living in his ass comes out. 

The monster goes on a killing spree to eliminate the people who are causing Duncan so much stress. 

When Duncan finds out about the monster he tries to control it the best he can. He doesn’t know want his stress to be the reason for people’s gruesome deaths so he bonds with the monster, names him Milo, and cares for him as if he is his own child. 

Duncan and Milo develop a father/son relationship but Duncan finds that he cannot control Milo’s urge to kill. When Milo feels like Duncan’s wife is stressing him out, he goes out to kill her. Duncan doesn’t want to lose him wife so he must take down Milo in order to safe her. 

When I first saw the trailer for Bad Milo and learned that it was about a guy with a monster in his ass, I didn’t need to know more. I was sold. 

I’m glad Bad Milo had more to offer than just a couple of asshole jokes and blood splattering kills here and there. The story of Duncan’s life and why the monster came to be gave the plot more standing ground that just an off-color horror comedy. 

If the films Basket Case and Brain Damage had drunken sex, it would create Bad Milo. 

If that doesn’t give you a reason to see, I can’t help you. 

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