Gravity: A Gracefully Terrifying Exploration in Space

I love outer space. 

I love knowing that just above my head is an endless world of stars, planets and solitude.

I thought taking a journey into space would be a great adventure but then I saw a trailer for Gravity.

The idea of floating into an unknown atmosphere detached from anyone or anything that can bring you back to Earth was a terrifying thought that never crossed my mind.

The film opens with Mission Specialist Ryan Stone (Bullock) who is making her first trip into space to test out some equipment.  Assisting her is Mission Commander Matt Kowalski (Clooney) who is there to make sure everything runs smoothly all while making jokes, telling stories and attempting to break the spacewalking record for his final mission into space.

The team is told to abort the mission because debris from a Russian satellite is headed there way. Stone wants to finish the very last bit of her diagnosis test before packing it up but the first set of debris crashes into them leaving Stone detached from the spaceship. 

And this is the start of the dreary expedition Stone encounters during her fight to survive. 

Even though the main focus of the film is surrounding Bullock’s experience and turmoil, Clooney’s character adds a nice comical tension reliever. His character acts as Stone’s supporter who tries to keep her calm and focused so she can’t feel the overwhelming amounts of desolation surrounding her. 

One of my favorite things about the film is at times the camera is shifted to Stone’s point of view inside of her space helmet. While she’s huffing for air, feeling panicked and disoriented, the audience can feel that with her. It makes the whole experience of film feel so vivid and scary.  

At first I thought Gravity would be a drawn out yet fearful 90 minutes of Sandra Bullock floating into Space, contemplating life all while knowing that she would never be rescued. Thankfully there is a lot more to the film that just that. The detachment is only the beginning of the layers her character suffers through. There are battles between hope and despair but it’s the uncertainty of her journey that makes the film exhilarating from beginning to end. 

Gravity is the most dynamic, visually stunning film I’ve seen all year. 

Gravity is out in theaters today so go see it.  I can’t imagine anyone not enjoying this film as much as I have especially space lovers. 

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