Friday Film Recommendations: Oct 4th

Happy Friday film loving folk!

Are you looking for some new flicks to add to your Netflix queue?

Well I have a few suggestions for you below! 

The People Under the Stairs

A 13-year old kid is talked into breaking into some rich folks home to get in on some of their fortune. What seemed like an easy job leads to a night of horrors.

This is one of my favorite Wes Craven films! 

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Supernatural: Season 8

Sam and Dean continue their journey fighting evil on the road. 

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The Walking Dead: Season 3

Aw yeah, if you’re looking to catch up on The Walking Dead before the new season starts on Sunday, all the current seasons are now streaming! 

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Room 237

This documentary based on The Shinning tries to explore hidden meanings behind the classic film. 

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The Silence

A girl is missing and presumed murdered on the same day and place as another girl 23 years prior. 

I saw this film earlier this year and I walked out of the theatre feeling emotionally disturbed and dirty. It’s a well-made film with a strong story but it’s still kind of effed up. 

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Have a great weekend folks! 

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