31 Days of Halloween: Day Two: 976-Evil

When I was young I did some stupid and embarrassing things I would never want anyone to know about.
I’m about to confess one such thing.
I used to have a crazy crush on Corey Haim.
I thought he was the hottest thing to jump off my cover of Tiger Beat so when I found out that him and the other Corey had their own 1-900 number, I blew up my parents’ phone bill.
976-Evil was much like my phone addiction with Corey. You call once to get a taste then  you reach a point where you’re tapping into satanic powers with no way out.
976-Evil, Robert Englund’s directorial debut is about a cousins Spike and Hoax. Spike is a bad-ass biker who is always getting himself into trouble and Hoax is a nerdy loser who looks up to Spike.
When Spike comes across a card promoting a Horror-scope he thinks it’s silly but he’s also intrigued. The first phone call leads Spike to ominous events that brings him a lot of luck. The continuous phone calls start insisting that he does bad things that he doesn’t feel right about doing. As soon as he stops doing what he’s told, his good luck turns around.

Hoax, who is very desperate to be on par with Spike’s coolness starts calling the number and following the evil instructions. At first he’s doesn’t like doing bad things but then the power makes him feel like he’s better than Spike so he embraces the evil.
Hoax is consumed by the evil spirit which bring death and destruction to anything that gets in his way. Spike finds that he’s the only one who can stop Hoax and free his soul.
976-Evil isn’t the greatest horror movie of all time ever but it’s damn entertaining. It was decent enough to have a fantastically horrible sequel which I have to say, I really loved.
Englund went on to directing the tv series Freddy’s Nightmares and a horror comedy, Killer Pad but nothing can quite lived up to 976-Evil.


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