31 Days of Halloween: Day One: Brainscan

Brainscan is one movie I find to be a hidden gem.
Ok I admit back in the day I had a huge crush on Eddie Furlong but putting that hard-on aside, Brainscan is a clever little thrill ride.
Michael Brower is a teenager loner who would rather live in his self-created world of video games and horror movies than to deal with his real life.
Kyle, his only friend in the world, tells him about a hyped new video game called Brainscan.
Michael thinks it’s going to be another average game he can beat in a day but he has nothing else better to do than to stalk his hot neighbor so he orders the game.
When Michael plays the first out of four games, he is given the experience to kill someone for fun. After he completed the first round he felt awesomely liberated, that is until he found out the murder was real.
Michael meets a representative of Brainscan named Trickster who talks Michael into playing the next disc. Trickster claims that if Michael does not finish the other discs of the game, he will get caught for the crime.

Each time Michael plays a disc, he gets himself deeper in crimes that can reveal him as the killer. He journey downs a road that leads him to a point of no return.
All because of a damn video game.
One of the reasons why I loved Brainscan so much was because I was a lot of like Michael. Well, with a vagina. I was 13 when I first saw Brainscan and I could relate to being the outcast who loved bloody, gooey, splattery horror films. I would have loved to create a horror club at school or had a friend to chat to about the latest issue of Fangoria.
It was more than a movie about a teen getting tricked into playing a video game that kills people. For me it let me know that more horror freaks like me were out there!



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