Film Wise #655

Happy Monday all!

Time to test out your faceless film knowledge with this week’s Film Wise quiz.

First off, check out the answers to last week’s quiz HERE

And now on to this week’s quiz HERE

Ok folks, post your scores, tips and hints. 

One thought on “Film Wise #655

  1. +JMJ+

    5/8 this week, which is pretty good! =)

    #1 — Early 80s teen movie based on a Young Adult novel.

    #3 — It has “Pixar” written all over it, so you don't need a hint from me. =P

    #4 — Pictured: more than friends.

    #7 — Based on the life of a real-life broadcast journalist.

    #8 — Think about it: who would make a baby wear a shirt that says “Gayby”? =P

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