Friday Film Recommendations: Sept 6th

Happy Friday film lovers!

Looking for some new flicks to add to your Netflix queue?

Look no further! I have new recommendations for your streaming pleasures.

Ew, that sounded kinda gross, like pee. Anyway….

The Possession

A man and his daughter find an interesting looking box at a garage sale so they buy it. The girl slowly gets possessed by something that was haunting the box.

This is a typical, freaky possession movie but I think it plays a lot better not thinking it was one of those “based on a true story” movie. The whole time I sat there and said “Yeah, that didn’t happen…that didn’t happen either…” 

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Open Water

A couple traveling decide to go on a scuba diving adventure. A miscalculation leaves them stranded in open, SHARK INFESTED waters.

This movie is my worst nightmare realized. It’s bad enough being in the middle of nowhere and not knowing if someone will find you, but there’s sharks where you’re at too! 

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American Mary

Medical student Mary strives to become the best surgeon in the world but her money problems keeps her down. She gets the opportunity to perform some very unsavory procedures for a great profit. 

I didn’t think too much of this movie while it was hitting convention circuits but I finally watched it and found that I loved it.

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Apollo 18

A found-footage space movie documents another mission to the moon which was covered up by the government. 

I so badly wanted to like this movie. It’s a space movie, it should be full of win right? No. It is a decent flick just not as a good as I think it could have been. Give it a test watch and see if you like it! 

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Kiss of the Damned

Djuna is a vampire who likes to rent movies and lay low. She meets Paulo who is a super hot screenwriter. They are instantly attracted to each other but she wants to keep her distances from him because of her “skin condition.” He finds out that she’s a vamp and he’s down with it. All seems well with the couple until Djuna’s sister Mimi comes into town to stir things up. 

I’ve heard a lot about this movie over the past year. I thought it captured the sexy vampire theme very well along with adding some sophistication to the sub-genre. 

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Have a great weekend folks! 

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