Friday Film Recommendations: Aug 30rd

Happy Friday film lovers!

Are you looking for some flicks to add to your Netflix queue this holiday weekend? Well don’t freak out, I have a few selections for you listed below!

The Road

Set in a postapocalyptic future a father and son search the ashy remains of the world looking for a better life. 

This film is really gloomy but overall it’s a heartfeltly good. 

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In the future, catastrophic wars have transformed Earth into a barren wasteland with the remaining population crowded into megacities, where all-powerful cops — including the ultraviolet Judge Dredd — are on the hunt for drug-dealing terrorists.

I haven’t seen the other Dredd movie but I can say this one is probably a lot better. There’s a bunch of action and explosions all up in yo’ face! 

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The Killer Inside Me

A polite and kindly deputy harbors a dark secret… he kind of likes to kill people! 

He suffers from a sickness that drives him to kill people who get into his way. 

The Killer Inside Me was one of my favorite films of 2010 and I think it’s extremely underrated so you should probably watch it. 

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Bride of Frankenstein

After vowing to step away from his dark experiments, Dr. Henry Frankenstein is blackmailed into creating another fiend– this time, in female form — who will serve as a ghoulish bride for his infamous monster. 

Even though I own the wonderful Universal Monsters box set, I’m so pleased to see all of them streaming on Netflix right now. 

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Haunted House

In this spoof of horror films like Paranormal Activity, Marlon Wayans stars as an immature guy who’s frightened when he learns the girlfriend who just moved in with him has been possessed by a demonic spirit.

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Have a great and safe weekend all! 



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