Horror Lovers Challenge 21-25

21. Best family in horror movie: The Lost Boys

They’re not a traditional family but blood is thicker than water. 

22. Worst recent horror movie you’ve seen: The Wicker Tree

For anyone who doesn’t know, The Wicker Man is one of my favorite films of all time ever. I wasn’t too excited to hear about a sequel called The Wicker Tree but I gave it a chance anyway. Well, the best way to describe the movie is “a face full of stupid.”

23. Favorite 1970’s horror movie

Here a past post I did for From Midnight, With Love

My Essential 70’s Cult Films 

24. Favorite horror theme song: Jaws

Jaws probably has the best and most memorable in the history of film.

25. Best version of Jason Voorhees: 8-bit Jason

I know this question is directed towards film version Jason but hell I’m going with 8-bit Jason because I can!

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