Horror Lovers Challenge 16-20

Horror Lovers Challenge 1-5
Horror Lovers Challege 6-10
16. Best throat slicing: May
The things I love about this scene is that Anna Faris’ character is so trusting. She didn’t put up a fight while getting her throat slashed!

17. Favorite sequel to a horror movie: Halloween 3: Season of the Witch
Haters gonna hate but I love this non-Michael Myers related sequel. Awesome masks that kill pesky kids and Tom Atkins. Love!
18. Best horror movie in the woods: Evil Dead
Evil Dead set the tone for all “cabin in the woods” type of horror movies.

19. An Actor You Enjoyed to watch get murdered: Paris Hilton (House of Wax)
‘Nuff said
20. Most attractive horror movie killer: Tom Hanniger (My Bloody Valentine 3-D)
I’m going to be honest, if he came at me with a pickaxe I would blush and says “ahem, um hi, how’s it going. That’s a mighty big axe you got there. Hi.”
Then I’d die a hot death.


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