Horror Lovers Challenge 11-15

Horror Lovers Challenge 1-5

Horror Lovers Challenge 6-10

11. Most Ditzy Horror Character: Toby (Student Bodies) 

Toby is my most favorite clueless character in a horror movie. She’s not completely stupid, she’s just not too bright when it comes to certain horror movie situations. 

12. Favorite Horror Movie of the Year: Evil Dead, Maniac, You’re Next 

I hate to admit this, but this may be the year of the remakes! So far on my favorites list is the Evil Dead remake and Maniac remake. Thankfully I threw in an original film on my list for good measure. You’re Next became an instant favorite for me as well. 

13. Best Impalement: Zombi

Can’t even handle it. 

14. Killer Who Has the Best Weapon: Leatherface (Chainsaw)  

The thought of having a chainsaw go into me, all the teeth moving, ripping into flesh is a death that has always terrified me. 

15. A Horror Love Story

Here are some past posts I wrote on horror love movies

Valentine’s Day Horror Movies 

Valentine’s Day Horror Movies Pt 2


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