Horror Lover Challenge 1-5

I mentioned before that I was going to spend a week doing this horror lover challenge. Well, life got in the way and instead of spending last week doing it, I’m doing it all in one day! Boom!

Here is the first segment of this challenge.

1. Scariest Kid Character in a Horror Movie: Rhoda Penmark (The Bad Seed)


At the age of 8, Rhoda has mastered the art of manipulation and murder. I’m in my 30’s and I can’t even get away with jaywalking!


Rhoda killed a classmate over something petty and she felt no remorse about it. To her it was as easily as brushing her hair or breathing. As an only child she grew up somewhat spoiled and in that environment she felt like she could get away with anything in the world. As a child Rhoda was already a cunning sociopath on her way to become something darker. I’m the kind of person who feels bad about everything. To see Rhoda take lives and make it seem so easy is scary!


2.  Best Sex Scene Murder: Nom Nom BJ (The Last House on the Left 1972)


Ok the guy didn’t technically die from having his stuff bit off, but he should have died of embarrassment. Am I right?!

3.  Creepiest Dead Body:  Katie’s Closet Body (The Ring)

The first time I saw the Ring I wasn’t creeped out by the little girl or her 7 day warning phone calls, I was creeped out by what she did to you when she got you!

When Katie’s dead body is shown, my blood turned cold. All I could think of was “OMGZ,WTF, BBQ, A/S/L! What could cause that?!”

That image has always haunted me.

4.  A Horror Music You Enjoy: The Wicker Man

There are some good musicals in the horror genre but I think an underappreciated one is The Wicker Man.

Sometimes I forget that The Wicker Man is a musical because there is so much more to the film than just the singing and dancing around.

5.  Funniest Horror Movie Character: The Invisible Man

I saw The Invisible Man for the first time at a film fest last year. I was expecting the typical story of a powerful scientist gone mad but I wasn’t expecting him to be hilarious!
I can’t seem to find any video of him knocking of a baby carriage (it’s funny ya’ll) so this trailer will just have to do.

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