You’re Next: A New Twist to Invasion Films

Home invasions films have been trendy within the horror genre over the past few years. Films like The Purge, The Strangers, and Funny Games are just some that have been popular with scaring audiences into checking their locks at night. 

You’re Next offers the same premise as the basic home invasion format but unlike the others, it infuses humor with horror. 

A 35th wedding anniversary brings a family together to a beautiful country house in a remote area. The reunion of bonding and bickering is interrupted by a gang of masked assailants intending on killing everyone in the house.

Little do the killers know a guest at the party has been trained to handle herself in any extreme situation. Her fierce survival skills change the course of the night for the killers and the family. 

Most home invasion films feature weak characters that are forced to stand up and fight midway through the film; it’s refreshing to have a character ready to kick ass the very second the madness begun. 

I was expecting You’re Next to be a typical yet scary thriller. I did not expect to experience a fun, blood-soaked, exhilarating ride. I walked out of the theater grinning like a kid who rode a rollercoaster for the first time. I had a blast! 

You’re Next started on my list of my anticipated films of the year list and now it earned its way one of my most favorite films of the year list. 

It’s hard to go on about this film without giving anything away but I can say that it offers a clever and unique twist to any other home invasion film I have seen yet. 

You’re Next is in theaters today, go see it! 

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