Hail to the Anti-Heroes



This year I fell in love with two new shows and I will soon be saying goodbye to two others.


I noticed that these four shows have something uniquely intriguing in common; they all highlight the anti-hero.


I’ve enjoyed my fair share of shows that features heroic lead characters that save the day every episode but sometimes I like cheering for the bad guy.  


Here are four of my favorite anti-heroes.


Norman Bates


The new show Bates Motel brings a modern look into the life of Norman Bates as a high school teen.


Psycho IV: The Beginning offered a back story to the odd relationship between Norman and his mother but Bates Motel goes further into the very beginning of Norman’s mental instability.


Bates Motel characterizes Norman as a sweet, innocent kid who couldn’t hurt a fly but it shows his mental state trickling into the woman-killing man he grows up to be.  




Norman doesn’t seem to be a bad person but his manipulative, overbearing mother has an intense influence on him.


I’m curious and excited to see the progression of the show to see the moment when Norman morphs into his mother.



Dexter Morgan

Dexter is a serial killer who kills serial killers! Waaaa?


As a child Dexter had the psychopath gene that gave him the irresistible urge to kill. Dexter’s foster father who was cop noticed the killer tendencies in Dexter. Instead of hitting him over the head with a newspaper while yelling “no!” he taught Dexter a “code” for killing. He thought if Dexter was going to kill someone, he might as well kill bad people. I guess two wrongs do make a right!


Dexter spent his whole life following the code and up to 8 seasons, he’s been getting away with killing a lot of people.



Dexter has had numerous of close calls yet he’s never technically been caught.


Dexter is near its end and I’m not sure if he is going to finally get exposed as a killer or if he is going to continue a life of crime off camera.

Hannibal Lector


The show Hannibal is pre-Manhunter in the days when Will Graham meets Hannibal Lector. The two have a symbolic relationship as Will hunts down a ruthless serial killer. Lector offers his services to Will to help him with the case. Little does Will know, Hannibal is the one he is hunting!


I root for Lector because he’s smart and sexy. He’s the kind of guy you would want to make out with if you weren’t convinced that he’d totally eat your face off.


Likes Norman Bates, you know how things are going to end for Hannibal as far as the books and films go but it’s fascinating to experience things from the beginning of their evil journeys.




Walter White
At the beginning of Breaking Bad we are introduced to Walter White an overqualified chemistry teacher. Walt seemed like a humbling, submissive man until the day he found out he had cancer.
Walt’s main concern was leaving his pregnant wife and teenage son in debt after he died. Walt has a chance encounter with a former student, Jesse, who cooks and deals meth. Walt thought it would be a good idea to partner up with Jesse to make quality meth to get enough money to support his family.
From the moment Walt first made meth, something inside of him awakened. He knew he would be facing death soon with his cancer so he developed a powerful, untouchable complex.
There were a lot of moments when Walt tempted fate to see if he would get caught and he didn’t because he knew he was better and smarter than everyone.
Walt transformed from a modest man to a fearless monster.
I was Team Walt for most of the show but after all the killing and devious masterminding, he scares me!

 The final season of Breaking Bad is currently running at this time that I’m posting this piece and I am eagerly waiting for Walt to have his downfall…if that happens….

I deeply love shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Supernatural, and other such shows which give us reasons to believe that good can prevail over evil. But sometimes, just sometimes, the anti-heroes are worth cheering for as well.


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