Kick-Ass 2: Anti-Violence Supporters Beware

The first time I saw Kick-Ass, I didn’t know much about the film nor did I know about the comic. When I watched it I got an unexpected face full of violence and entertainment. 

So basically, I loved it. 

Dave, a nerdy, comic book collecting nobody ponders why ordinary people don’t fight back against crime. He creates a superhero persona known as Kick-Ass who ventures out to help people and kick crime’s ass. 

Kick-Ass 2 takes place after Dave has decided to retire his superhero life and live one of a normal high school guy. Mindy continues to fight crime as Hit Girl to keep the city safe. 

After seeing all the people Kick-Ass has inspired to put on costumes and take control of all injustices, Dave starts missing the danger and excitement of his other life. 

He pleads with Mindy to train him to be a better superhero just like her and so she does. 

During the course of their training, Mindy and Dave’s life shift in different directions. She is forced to put away her cape and tries to be a girl while Dave hungers to take on any menacing action. 

Meanwhile, Chris D’Amico is still fuming over the death of his father caused by Kick-Ass. He plots to become an ultimate villain known as “The Motherfucker.” When he realizes that he sucks at being a villain, he hires a crew of vicious killers to help him get his vengeance. 

Dave bands together with other masked crime-fighters to destroy D’Amico’s army of assassins and save the city from destruction. 

Kick-Ass 2 has a fantastic supporting cast. I cannot go on enough about how much I adore Chloe Grace Moretz. I admire a foul-mouth girl who can beat the crap out of anyone without a care. She makes me want to be Hit-Girl when I grow up. Jim Carrey was terrific as born-again Christian, Colonel Stars and Stripes. I instantly loved his character. The film also features great stars like John Leguizamo, Donald Faison, and Lindy Booth. 

The weakest part of this film is The Motherfucker. I found that his presences were misguided and unneeded. His henchmen did his biddings so I felt like his character was unnecessary to the flow of the film.  I think if his character was taken out, the story would have been better. 

I know this film has taken some hits when it comes to violence on the screen. Yes, Kick-Ass 2 is outrageously violent and brutally bloody but it’s a film made to entertain people. I think that’s an important mind-set to have when it comes to enjoying all different genres. I admit after the film was over I wanted to prance around the city fighting crime but of course I didn’t. I’m in touch with reality and also, I’m super lazy. 

If you’ve seen the first Kick-Ass, you can understand that this film is going to have some blood and carnage here and there. It wouldn’t be a proper follow up if it didn’t try to outdo the first film. 

There are a lot of stomach-churning moments, offensive humor and gruesome amounts of violence packed into this film that may not be suitable for some people. It’s not Spider-Man kissing Mary Jane upside down all romantic-like; it’s decapitations, mutilations and a lawnmower to the face!  

If you enjoyed the first Kick-Ass then you should embrace Kick-Ass 2 for the savage joyride that it is. 

Kick-Ass 2 is in theaters today. Go see it so crime doesn’t win! 

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