Adventures of a Geeky Fan Girl: Flashback Weekend 2013

Every year I cannot rave on enough about going to my local convention Flashback Weekend.

Unlike the other conventions I go to, Flashback is low key with big guests.

Instead of paying insane amounts of prices to meet celebrities and stand in line for endless hours, Flashback provides a reasonable priced tickets/packages and the celebs normally don’t charge crazy prices along with access to your butt hole.

Ok, now I feel like I work for them and I’m trying to convince you all to go but for serious, I love going every year and this year was no different.

So here are the pictures I took during my adventures this weekend!

One of the greatest things I own is this Dawn of the Dead poster previously signed by George Romero and Tom Savini.

This weekend I got the chance to meet the rest of the Dawn of the Dead cast. You can imagine what a geek-a-rama sized boner I had especially after my Monroeville trip earlier this year.

David Emge (Stephen) 

Scott H. Reiniger (Roger) 

Ken Foree (Peter) 

Gaylen Ross (Fran)

And here is the “after” shot of my amazingly, beautiful poster! 

Another awesome cast of people I got to meet was the crew of Pet Sematary! 

Denise Crosby (Rachel) 

Brad Greenquist (Pascow) 

Dale Midkiff (Louis) 

Miko Hughes (Gage) 

I also got the wonderful chance to meet Bruce Davison! 

Two great people from The Fog were also guests at Flashback….

Nancy Loomis! 

Most memorable for Annie in Halloween! 

And one of my favorite people….

Tom Atkins! 

I absolutely adore this man plus he’s still sexy as ever! 

Is there a celebrity you would think is someone who may never do a convention? Maybe someone who thinks that they’re too old for that shit? Well, I met that guy!

Danny Glover ya’ll! 

With my very limited funds, I was thinking about the things I could have got Danny to sign for me. There’s Saw or maybe even Predators 2… but instead I got my Dad an autograph from his favorite actor…for his upcoming birthday. Bonus, he has no idea I got it! Shhh

So, I made the biggest, amateurish mistake ever! I didn’t check to see if my camera was charged before I left. All of my panel pics were taken via my IPhone so sorry for not so great quality pics. I have shamed my Nikon. 

Danny Glover panel 

Tom Atkins panel 

The Lords of Salem panel (Ken Foree, Patricia Quinn, Bruce Davison, Lisa Marie, Judy Geeson, and Meg Foster) 

Bruce Davison panel

Dawn of the Dead panel (Ken Foree, Gaylen Ross, Scott H. Reiniger and David Emge)

Nancy Loomis panel 

And now here are random pictures of the floor, celebs doing random things and me being super immature! 

Who in the hell would poop on a table?!?….

…. Oh yeah, it was me!


William Forsythe

George Romero!

Judy Geeson

Patricia Quinn

Blade took time to take a pic with me.

From Maximum Overdrive. The scariest prop ever!

Kim Darby

Dale Midkiff and Brad Greenquist talking about that time they were in Pet Sematary

Betsy Russell

Eileen Dietz

Lisa Marie

Meg Foster and Judy Geeson talking about that time they were in The Lords of Salem together

Ahh!!! The Predator!

I wanted to shake his hand but he said in his planet they touch crotches

Kevin O’ Connor

Bruce and Judy talking about that time when they….


And the best for last….

Me and George Romero! 


Love, love, love this man! 
And this concludes my adventures at Flashback! 

5 thoughts on “Adventures of a Geeky Fan Girl: Flashback Weekend 2013

  1. I may be ridiculously excited about the fact that Miko Hughes isn't that much taller than you and me. Also he is a total hottie now.

    It really does look like a great convention over all. I would have loved to have met the whole Pet Sematary cast.

  2. Wanted to go to this con with my bestie, but something came up and couldn't attend. Mainly wanted to go see Dale Midkiff. Met him 4X already. He is fabulous. Thanks for posting the photos, they're wonderful.

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