My Own Shark Week: The Reef


The Reef is a based on true events retelling of a group of friends sailing to a coral reef in Indonesia.


The group find themselves in distress when their yacht hits a reef, leaving them capsized. They think that the best way to survive is to swim to a nearby island that is guestimated to be about 12 miles away. At first it seemed like a good plan but they soon find out that a great white shark is stalking them!


Yes, stalking. The same exact shark is stalking them throughout a 24 hour period.


The shark hunts the crew looking for chances to take them out…one by one.  I’m not making this up.


The Reef is a terrifying shark story that reminisces of Open Water and Jaws The Revenge.


Open Water didn’t capture the intensity of what it would be like to have a shark brutally attack you but it’s done frighteningly well in The Reef.


The thing that does bother me about The Reef is that I have trouble believing that one shark would clock in a full day into “stalking” people. I can’t even handle it happening in Jaws The Revenge so of course I can’t deal with it being in a “ true story” setting. I think the survivor made that up for attention (I kid, I kid…but not really)


According to The Discovery Channel “sharks do not normally hunt humans, but if they do attack, it is usually a case of mistaken identity.” So you’d like to think after the first taste of the first victim, the shark would think “Dude, gross, I can’t believe I just put that in my mouth!” then move on. But no, in this particular case, the shark ferociously went after this group of people.


Maybe this shark is a different breed that craves humans and thinks they taste better when they are scared and tired. I don’t know his life! I would like to think that if that was the case, it would be extremely rare.



The Reef delivers on thrilling moments but I wanted to be sold on the reality aspect of the events. I wanted yet another reason to fear the water but instead I got a story about a shark stalking people like a serial killer.  

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