Friday Film Recommendation: August 9th

Happy Friday film lovers!

Are you looking for some new things to add to your Netflix streaming queue? Well check at the latest and the greatest listed below! 

Breaking Bad

A high school chem teacher finds out that he has cancer. He’s on the verge of being broke and his wife is ready to pop out their second child. He decides to make meth to sell so he can support his family long after he passes away.

What starts off as a cowardly man trying to get by in life turns into to a man who is blinded by untouchable power. 

I can’t go on enough about this show. It’s absolutely incredible and one of the best shows I’ve ever seen in my whole life ever! For serious. 

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Event Horizon

A space crew gets a distressed signal from a ship that has been missing for 7 years. When they go to investigate the remains, they discover that something gruesome happened on board. 

I normally don’t get frightened by movies. 

Event Horizon frightened me. 

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Zack and Miri Make a Porno

Best friends Zack and Miri find themselves badly broke. They figure that the best way to make money is to make a porn. I guess it beats making and selling meth. 

This movies makes me miss the old Kevin Smith who used to do comedies we can all relate to. You know, back in the day when he didn’t spend all his time complaining about being too fat to fit in an airplane seat. *le sigh* 

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Based on a well-known serial killer in the 60’s/70’s, David Fincher brings the gritty story to the screen. 

There have been a few movies about the Zodiac killer but I love this one the best. Plus…it’s got Iron Man in it! 

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Piranhas are accidentally released into a river and the hungry flesh eater head to a nearby summer camp. Nom nom kids. 

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Happy watching folks! 

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