My Own Shark Week: Jaws The Revenge

Jaws set the tone for the universal fear of all things sharks.
Did we even care about sharks before seeing this film?
As a hit film, surely sequels were bound to happen. The follow up Jaws film was not as great as the first but it was still good. The third one was dumb but fun but the last one… Why, just why?

Jaws the Revenge focuses on Ellen Brody, the widow of shark killer Martin Brody.
When one of her sons died from an “accident” in the water (a shark totally ate him) Ellen jets off to hang with her remaining son in the Bahamas.
When she arrives she gets the sense that maybe a shark followed her all the way from New England.
Well, that’s exactly what happened!
A shark decided to declare open season on The Brody’s. It had a plan to take out Ellen’s family leaving her last to die. For real, it mapped out a plan to do this!
You can’t teach a shark the difference between a seal and a surfer yet, if you mess with its family, it will mess with yours!
This should have been called “Jaws 4: This time it’s personal”
Anyway, this movie does have some redeeming qualities. Michael Caine is in it and well, yeah I guess that’s about all it has going for it.
I don’t what makes this movie more ridiculous, the plot, the shark actually “roaring” or all the continuity issue.
It’s too bad the Jaws saga ended in shame.

2 thoughts on “My Own Shark Week: Jaws The Revenge

  1. +JMJ+

    For me, the only (unironically) good part was the first shark attack. There was no way this wasn't going to be campy (being the fourth movie and lacking Martin Brody), but if it had gone the holiday-themed Horror movie route instead of trying be the next Aliens, it would be much better than it is now.

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