My Own Shark Week: Deep Blue Sea


As Shark Week continues I decided to watch Deep Blue Sea before settling down to watch the doc “Voodoo Shark.”

Deep Blue Sea isn’t an outrageously ridiculous shark movie but it’s got L.L. Cool J in it so it kind of counts. Amiright?!?

A remote aquatic laboratory harbors a team scientists experimenting on sharks in search for a cure to Alzheimer’s.

Apparently sharks don’t suffer from memory loss so the team wants to explore the mind of their testing sharks, all while sticking with an ethics code.

The financial backers are skeptical that a cure can be produced so a representative visits the lab to make sure everything is on the up and up.

Of course the day he visits is the day the sharks decide to wreck havoc and overcome all humans!


It’s revealed the one scientist didn’t want to work with stupid sharks with small, dumb brains. She broke the genetics code to make the sharks’ brains bigger, which then made them smarter and more dangerous.


Scientists are supposed to smart, logical people, right?


The three mega smart Mako sharks plot to take down the lab and reach the freedom of…the Deep Blue Sea.


Yeah, I can’t believe I typed that either.


I will admit that I really like Deep Blue Sea. It’s inventive and thrilling plus those sharks are scary as fuck ya’ll!


Sure, it’s got backward swimming sharks and L.L. Cool J talking to a bird but it’s still a decent flick.


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