My Own Shark Week: Shark Night

As a part of Shark Week, not only am I watching fantastically scary documentaries about Flying Sharks and Megalodon but I’m also watching ridiculous shark movies.

I’ve started the week off with… Shark Night!

When this movie came out to theaters, I just had to see it for two reason. One, I love Joel David Moore and two, I needed to know how sharks can get into a lake!

If they can get into a lake, what’s keeping them from getting into your toilet!

The thought of sharks entering a lake is frightening. I get that lakes can have snakes, crocs, Swamp Things and flesh eating blobs, but sharks?! Well, that’s just preposterous!


College kids find a random reason (one of them passes his math test or something) to spend the weekend at a lake house. They think they are going to have fun swimming, jet skiing, drinking and hooking up but of course, things never work out as planned.


The plot is the same as a regular cabin in the woods type horror movie. Only the cabin is a place on the Louisiana bayou and the killer is a lake filled with different breeds of sharks.


The crew have some fun until one of them is attacked by a shark! After a series of misfortunes (the only boat they have crashes and no one can get cell reception) they find that they are stranded, surrounded by super hungry sharks.  


I like to keep my reviews spoiler free so I’m not going to tell you how or why the sharks got into the lake but overall, I thought the logic of it is kind of absurdly brilliant.


Neflixer, Shark Night is currently streaming if you want to have watch some stupidly fun shark flick.

One thought on “My Own Shark Week: Shark Night

  1. +JMJ+

    I totally agree about the logic behind the madness that is Shark Night 3D! Who knew that a B-movie could have such sharp socio-economic commentary? LOL! But seriously, after the bar set by this one, I just can't love other huge favourites like Sharktopus or Sharknado. Heck, I can't even like them!

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